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The Connection Staff!!

Kelly Rominger, Owner and Fused Glass Instructor, and Kids Class Instructor

Kelly Rominger and Husband Dave / Owner and Fused Glass Instructor

I create because it gives me freedom to express what I see and experience. When I was little I had a great art teacher who taught me to see..  Seeing for an artist is different than seeing in general. You have to see what is there not what you think is there. That helps you imitate life. I have always been very critical of myself and my work and if it did not meet my standards I would just start over. I loved to paint and draw but I was always trying to imitate what I saw so there were boundaries with what I saw. I was also a very messy artist, paint was always everywhere! So when I was introduced to beads a new world opened up. My only boundaries are the shape of the beads. The colors were endless and the mess was small and in my lap. I bead everywhere. I have even taken them to the golf course and sat in the cart while my husband was playing and made stuff.. I got lots of looks.

Other art forms I work with include Fused Glass and Ceramic Sculpture and Pottery. Glass work gives me the opportunity to work with a multitude of colors and is functional and artistic at the same time. As an instructor I find inspiration through my students work and great satisfaction in their success. Ceramic Sculpture and Pottery allows me a greater freedom to create in 3 dimensional form. It is a meditative process that is both calming and fulfilling.

Please Visit the Clay Connection Gallery to view Kelly's work and meet the artist!


Spokesman Review -

Matt Popp, Manager, Pottery Instructor

Born and raised in Spokane his artistic side was encouraged by his father.  His father was an artist whose passion was in clay, drawing and painting.  His artistic outlet was in music.  After high school, like most of us, his art took a back seat to the daily grind. 

In 2010 he was missing art and joined the Clay Connection Community, where he fell in love with the pottery wheel.  Since then he has developed his own unique style both in hand building and wheel throwing. 

His class offers basic to intermediate skills in both hand building and wheel throwing. 


Sean Benson, Pottery Instructor


With over 20 years experience having his hands in clay, Sean Benson is an avid experimenter and curious about the visual language of the art we use in our daily lives. Sean allows freedom for individual expression, while at the same time being willing to show different ways of solving creative problems. In this class you will be able to choose your own adventure, pursuing either wheel or handbuilding, to develop your skills working with clay.

Peter Glarborg, Pottery Instructor


Peter Glarborg first encountered the fascinating world of ceramics in 1976 in a college course. To his surprise, he received a couple of honorable mentions in an undergraduate exhibit. He took additional ceramics courses in 1985 during a brief return to academia, but his life experiences led him away from clay until 2009, when he built a raku kiln and started making pots again. His years away from clay were spent working in Spokane's broadcasting industry, and he is currently an afternoon host on Spokane Public Radio.
Pete is mostly interested in functional ceramics - cups, bowls and pots that people use - but he has also made many decorative pieces.


Savanna Shafer, Pottery Instructor


I love animals, plants, nature, and pretty much all living things. I find so much beauty in the natural world and that is definitely where I get a lot of my inspiration in my art. I enjoy making large sculptural pieces of animals.

I love and enjoy all mediums of art. I've dabbled in pretty much every thing, I even do special effects makeup! Ceramics and painting are specifically my favorite mediums.

I officially started ceramics in 2015. I had always played with clay from my creek growing up, hand building and making pinch pots. But as soon as I got on the wheel I really fell in love. I took ceramics every quarter for the next year and then when I couldn't take the class any more I started working in the school studio.

I am also currently attending Spokane Falls Community College as a science transfer student. I plan to transfer to a 4 year university and get my bachelors in Biology. Then I plan to become a wild life biologist and will obtain my masters and eventually my PhD. I love working with animals and hope to one day work in conservation.

I recently started working at an animal hospital, I am a vegetarian, and I also have a cat named Peanut Butter and he is my baby.

Other interests I have are video games, graphic novels, swimming, hiking, and exploring the world!

Andrea Tuinstra, Pottery Instructor 

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Whitworth University

Masters of Fine Arts, University of Montana, Missoula

Growing up on farms in the west and Midwest, Andrea’s best memories are of being with her family performing music and riding the quarter horses her dad raised and trained.  During her younger adulthood in urban environments, Andrea enjoyed making pottery and painting while listening to music as a way to relax and connect with her inner strength.  Today her art practice focuses on  merging old time music and functional pottery and surface embellishments and paintings. 

Andrea is a regional clay artist and musician.  She has been an instructor at The Clay Connection for three and a half years.  She has taught drawing class at Hillyard Senior center and other art classes throughout the northwest including college level instruction. 

Andrea has over three years experience as a production potter, repeating forms for digfereent potteries such as Bruning, now located in Snohomish, WA.  She excels at overglaze painting and learned about some materieals and tchniques from Marie Tupper and Virginia Carter locally. 

Andrea’s graduate degree was earned at UM, Missoula under Beth Lo, Tom Rippon and David Regan.  She worked at Archie Bray Foundation in Brad Borst’s handbuilding class.  Her Bachelor’s degree in Art is from Whitworth.  Andrea served as Exhibits Intern with Northwest Forlklife Festival, assisting to inventory and display Traditional Eastern European instruments, textiles and costumes. 

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