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Kelly Rominger, Owner and Fused Glass Instructor, and Kids Class Instructor

Kelly Rominger and Husband Dave / Owner and Fused Glass Instructor

I create because it gives me freedom to express what I see and experience. When I was little I had a great art teacher who taught me to see..  Seeing for an artist is different than seeing in general. You have to see what is there not what you think is there. That helps you imitate life. I have always been very critical of myself and my work and if it did not meet my standards I would just start over. I loved to paint and draw but I was always trying to imitate what I saw so there were boundaries with what I saw. I was also a very messy artist, paint was always everywhere! So when I was introduced to beads a new world opened up. My only boundaries are the shape of the beads. The colors were endless and the mess was small and in my lap. I bead everywhere. I have even taken them to the golf course and sat in the cart while my husband was playing and made stuff.. I got lots of looks.

Other art forms I work with include Fused Glass and Ceramic Sculpture and Pottery. Glass work gives me the opportunity to work with a multitude of colors and is functional and artistic at the same time. As an instructor I find inspiration through my students work and great satisfaction in their success. Ceramic Sculpture and Pottery allows me a greater freedom to create in 3 dimensional form. It is a meditative process that is both calming and fulfilling.

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