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Sample of Students Work

Warm Glass Class: 

We hear stories about people walking into their local stained glass store and signing up for a "fusing" class. They end up only fusing small pieces like jewelry, never learning about slumping, not ever seeing the fusing process let alone getting their hands on a kiln to use in class. This is NOT how our class is. In our class you will make 5 projects that are up to 10 X 10 inch in size.  Each of the five projects you will learn a different fusing technique. You will have the opportunity to personally program our kiln and learn how to use the two types of kiln controllers.  

This class is designed to teach students the fundamentals of running a fusing studio of their own. You will learn the more technical information such as compatibility and stress testing, annealing, firing procedures, troubleshooting, fusing AND slumping, small to large pieces and MULTIPLE pieces, how to have more success with each firing, using small and large kilns and controllers, etc. 

Also if you have already purchased a kiln prior to your class I will show you how to program your kiln.  If you do not have a kiln, I encourage you to take the class first and then we can tailor a kiln to your needs and desires. 

I also offer a 10% discount on kilns purchased through our studio for students who complete our warm glass class.   

Pictures- Please be aware that we always take pictures during the class of students and projects for promotional reasons or to publish on our WEB site. (We love to show off our students and their work). By taking any of our classes or workshops, you are agreeing to allow us to publish these pictures. If you are shy, in the government witness program (like me), or whatever... you can wear a hood.


A few things that will be covered in this class:

Discussion of the fusing process:

    • Firing Schedules
    • Glass Compatibility
    • Annealing
    • Volume Control
  • Learn the different stages of warm glass (fusing, slumping over and into a mold, tack fusing, fire polishing, dropping glass through a mold, kiln forming, and anything in between)
  • You will learn how to sand blast or etch glass
  • You will learn about multiple fired projects
  • You will learn how to fuse a photo into your project
  • These are some examples of types of projects you can make:   
    • Night lights
    • Candle cup vases
    • Picture frames
    • Fused and slumped plates or bowls
    • Make an open weave basket plate
    • Drop ring vase
    • Wall hangings
    • Wind Chimes

Learn how to make and use these elements in your projects

    • Stringer
    • Fractures
    • Frit, powers, confetti, scrap
    • Iridized and Dichroic Glass - we show you how iridescent glass can change the look
    • Shows you how to incorporate metals into and on glass, the inlay of copper, gold or silver metals
  • Learn how to attach metal or other glass to your projects for hanging, making 3-D projects or design.
  • Trouble Shooting
    • Learn the  reasons why glass will bubble
    • Learn the  reasons projects crack
    • Learn why colors and shapes change
    • Learn the  reasons why one should make sample tiles
  • Discussion of Kilns, Controllers and Equipment


  • Equipment available for use in this class include:
    • Use of Kilns and Kiln Controllers
    • Use of cold working equipment: diamond tools; grinders, ring saw, drill press, etc.
    • Use of Sandblasters
  • You will have access to a huge selection of different shaped molds used to slump your projects.
  • Everything is provided in the class including specific glass.  You may purchase specialty glass or larger sheets of glass if you would like incorporate them in your pieces.   We have numerous tools available but you may also bring your own if you prefer.
  • In our teaching studio we have plenty of room to spread out and work.
  • You can be more creative when you have access to the large selection of glass; colors, dichroic etc. Available in our studio store is a huge variety of glass for fusing.
  • We're Glad you've selected a class from The Clay Connection!
    Our years of teaching experience in one of the most beautiful and fully equipped teaching studios anywhere will help insure your class is enjoyable and informative with a lasting experience. Please look below for our class registration and cancellation policy.

    To Register for a Class please call the studio (509) 747-6171.
    Full Payment is required at the time of registration. A full payment will hold your spot.

What to wear and bring:

  • The classroom has a great heater and air conditioner but it can be chilly, so dressing in layers is a good idea. 
  • No open toed footwear.
  • All Tools are provided but you may bring your own tools or purchase before class:
  • We have these but you might want to bring your own:
    • Scissors
    • Exacto Knife, single edge razor blades, other blades
    • Apron or bib - we are doing a lot of work on water lubricated grinding equipment, you will get wet.
    • Clear Safety Glasses, Reading Glasses
    • Bring any of your personal or special hand tools. Please be sure to mark them yours.
  • We only work in COE90 glass. Please don't bring other COE glasses, it might mix and contaminate our glass.

Glass Fusing Open Studio: (details of glass fusing open studio page)


The open studio is designed for those who have taken the five week basic class at The Clay Connection.  You have access to most of our studio equipment. We will be happy to provide brief guidance on your project or to suggest the appropriate firing schedule; however the Open Studio fee does not include instruction. Firing fees additional.  You will also need to purchase your glass here. 

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